Självbiografiska uppgifter 1999:2

Konserten i Ladonien (texten från Ladonia Herald nr 28) 

The annual concert in Ladonia took place on the 1st of August. It was again a great success for the minister of jazz, Margareta Granvik. Her arrangement has been carried out twice before, but this time the artists and the audience were greeted with fine weather, sunny and warm. A large audience of about 150 had found their way down to the cliffs of Ladonia. This time it was also possible to watch and listen to the concert from boats, 14 boats had anchored in order to follow the event Blues Ladies and Janne opened with “A Train” and went on with “Time after Time”, “Summertime” (Jazzminister, Katarina Persson, Helen Åström, Jeanette Sollén and Jan Zedenius). The two saxofonists Staffan Holmin and minister of brain Tiit Mathiesen performed “Tender Madness”, “All of me”, “King Ladon blues” and more. On the drums were to be found Mattis Olsson, Roine Sangenberg, Catharina Bobeck; on spoons Torkel Stålhand.  Jessica Lindell danced in the Hall of Justice, Nicolas Rodrigues played classical guitar Last but not least is to mention Dick Heijkensköld playing his double bass in most of the numbers. He carried this huge instrument up and down the steep slopes of Ladonia. For the first time in Ladonian history it was possible to watch and listen to a double bass at the shore! 


Ensemblen med Jazzminister Margareta Granvik längst ut till höger


Hjärnminister Tiit Mathiesen med saxofon


Publikbild 1


Publikbild 2


Under året utkom Vilks med boken Det konstnärliga uppdraget:


Det konstnärliga uppdraget, Nya Doxa

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